• Client: Aufschnitt
  • Date: 03/06/2019
  • Skills: Konzept und Markenentwicklung
  • Demo: Live Link

Industrial Butcher Ambience

Exhibition Set Design Meat Beanbag and Carpet
Exhibition Set Design Meat Objects
Exhibition Set Design Meat Objects

The agency Kemmler & Kemmler designed a booth for the Bread & Butter, 2017. the industrial butchery ambience for a New York shoe store.   Gravitex has produced various sausage cushions, ham bean bags and a chop carpet in cooperation with the brand of Aufschnitt.

 Gravitex designs all prototypes in their Berlin studio, develops the technical documents for the European production and provides the subsequent quality control. For all design products, the shape, material and color can be individually determined by customers and provided with their own woven label. 

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