Latex moldings

Gravitex produced 2 boob beanbags as showpieces for Annika Line Trost’s book reading. The creation of the boob beanbag took place in two variations. The first variant was made of light artificial leather with the breast tip made of a satin appliqué. Gravitex designed a second more abstract beanbag variant made of salmon-colored artificial lacquer leather and the breast tip made of dark blue latex.

The manufacturing process of the latex patch is very intense. The nipple is first hand-formed in its original size to make the negative mold. The resulting negative mold is spread with latex in the desired thickness. Then the latex nipple is sewn into the shell of the bean bag.

The beanbags are filled with styrofoam balls.

Gravitex designs all prototypes in their Berlin studio, develops the technical documents for the European production and provides the subsequent quality control. For all design products, the shape, material and color can be individually determined by customers and provided with their own woven label. 

If you have any questions regarding the creation of corporate gifts or for your bespoke stand decoration , please contact us at We are happy to advise you. 


Weight: 3 – 4 kg

Size: 130 cm x 100 cm x 100 cm

Care instructions:  –