NIPPS – Latex Pasties



The NIPPS support sexual equality and the power of choice.

The #FreetheNipple was first used in 2012 for teaser clips of Lina Esco’s documentary about running topless through the streets of New York City. The movement gradually gained global support and following via protests, celebritiy participation, and festivals.

Even today, the topic of nipples is one of contraversy and debate. Social media platforms prohibit nudity and specifically differentiate between male and female nipples. Facebook and Instagram, for example, only permit female nipples in the context of the fine arts, breastfeeding or post-childbirth moments, post-mastectomy scarring, and breast cancer awareness.

Increased awareness and challenging society’s definitions are still needed to bring about lasting change and freedom.

Our product is a playful promise on bare boobs or  and under a cuddly shirt. The pasties are hand-poured in Berlin. The set includes 2ml of professional Mastix skin glue from Kryolan.

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Article no # 10069691

2 pieces 5.5 cm

Mastix skin adhesive 2 ml