The workshops are designed for individuals who already have some experience in the field of clothing and wish to deepen their knowledge. One focus is on mastering the use of their own sewing machine, while another aim is to impart a conscious appreciation for high-quality clothing and craftsmanship through targeted knowledge transfer. This acquired knowledge can be practically applied in every future clothing purchase, enabling participants to make informed decisions.

With the learned skills, participants will also be able to view their wardrobe in a new light. They can revive their favorite pieces through small repairs or intricate transformations on their own. In the Transformation Workshop, we guide participants through this process, from ideation to style development and professional implementation using our expertise. After many sewing hours and fittings, participants will have their own tailor-made creation. Our expertise ensures a high-quality finish.

If you prefer not to be involved in the time-consuming sewing process but still desire a designer piece made from your worn favorites, we can, upon agreement, take care of the entire process for you.



The studio is equipped with a professionally outfitted sewing workshop. From household sewing machines to industrial machines, an overlock industrial machine, a professional steam iron with extraction system, a hot press, a foil plotter for transfer printing, a foam cutter, and a CAD Grafis system – everything is available here. The highlight is the large cutting table, ideal for comfortable work with large patterns.