Berlin Design Week 2024 – Uprising Fusion

Aufschnitt-Berlin-Design-Week-2024-Aufstand Aufschnitt-Berlin-Design-Week-2024-Aufstand Aufschnitt-Berlin-Design-Week-2024-Aufstand-Aliu-Gonzales

The collaboration between German textile designer  Silvia Wald  and Cuban wood artist  Aliu Gonzales  leads to a collection of new  furniture. This creative partnership finds its roots in the shared experiences of the artists, shaped by childhoods under a  communist regime  where the reuse and transformation of materials played a central role.

Aliu Gonzales infuses the timeless charm of the  1960s  into his furniture pieces, inspired by his childhood memories of vibrant  Cuba. His furniture not only expresses this bygone era but also reflects the  longing  for that time and the hope for a return to his homeland.

Silvia Wald, known for her quirky textile objects, addressed the uprising with archaic weaponry and the riots on  Labor Day in Berlin  in her collection  Aufstand. From this series, Wald and Gonzales use the textile  cobblestones  to upholster the seating surfaces of their furniture. Taking it a step further, they replace the soft seating with hard granite stones.

The design philosophy of  reuse  and  transformation  not only influences the creative processes of Wald and Gonzales but also imbues each piece of furniture with  deep symbolic meaning. In this way the Granite Chair becomes more than just a seating piece—it tells stories of the past, present, and future.

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