Cocoa shells heat pad


Gravitex has developed the world’s first heating pad with cocoa shells for Vivani: VIVANI “COCOA CURE”. The highlight: The pillow not only warms pleasantly, but also exudes a wonderful chocolate scent.

During production, organic cocoa shells from the production of VIVANI chocolates are “saved”. What other manufacturers dispose of as waste, provides a valuable basis for the “COCOA CURE” pillow, which stimulates all the senses and provides wonderful relaxation. The cocoa shells are enriched with organic spelt, which has a good heat storage capacity and guarantees a long pleasant warming effect.

All pillows are sewn by hand and made of 100% organic cotton qualities. A supplied ribbon and loops attached to the pillow provide (if desired) a flexible fixation to the whole body and a firm hold.

Measures approx 48 x 19 cm, strap length approx 135 cm

450 g